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Bruno is a 2 years, 9 months old male Neapolitan Mastiff/Mix who weighs 89 pounds and has been with us for 19 days.

Dogs as near perfect as Bruno don't come around often, so when they do, we ALL take notice! Bruno is a Neapolitan mastiff mix, his head is REALLY big like a mastiff but he has the body and coat of a Rottie (maybe??). So he isn't as large as you'd expect a mastiff to be.
He has lived with multiple dogs and multiple kids (even really young ones) previously and is good with them all. He is just an overall very social, friendly dog.
Despite his size he walks well using a harness, and loves to hike all over our trails with another 4 legged friend (or 2 or 3 friends!), and he will walk as long as you want. But he isn't a high energy dog, after the long walk he just wants to sit by you (or on you!) for lots of love and attention.
If big dogs are your thing, you should fill out an application and come meet the handsome big lover boy!

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