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Stella is a female American rabbit who weighs 6 pounds and has been with us for 394 days.

Meet Stella - MLAR's Cadbury Bunny double! Strikingly beautiful with her snow-white, soft, velvety, silky coat & her adorable pink eyes, Stella is a tad shy, but only for the first ten seconds of her introduction to you. One head pat, one ear rub, & one sprig of parsley tossed her way, & she is yours forever! Stella has been spayed & keeps her living quarters nice & clean by using her litter box. When she gets excited, she does one of her bunny binkies. Not having gotten enough attention in her early life, she just loves being doted on & loves anyone who will show her affection. Will you be the lucky human who captures Stella's heart & gives her the love she wants & deserves?
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Site: Main Line Animal Rescue