Meet Cider

All about Cider

Cider is a male Pit Bull Terrier/Mix who weighs 54 pounds and has been with us for 198 days.

A cool glass of cider and you are all set for the summer. Well that and a pup named Cider and you are set.
Our big boy is all ready to go to a home where is can roll around and be the tug of war champion in the home!
Cider is an A+ student when it comes to play and training, he just needs a human that is up for game time all the time.
This pup proudly struts his stuff and will be bragging to everyone about how you are the best owner ever and how you never deny him treats and how out of ever pup in the world he is the luckiest because he has you.
Cider is a pup meant for football Sundays, cornhole in the back yard and sneaking barbeque chicken snacks from the grill master.
In fact, he is the pup to cause you endless joy and laughs, all he asks is that he be the only pet in the home.
Easy peasy if you ask us!
With a smile that says "I proudly figured out how to open the treat box myself" and eyes that say "I am so in love with you so please don't be mad I just ate the last slice of pizza" Cider is the perfect addition to any home full of love, laughter, and most!

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

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