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Hambone is a 3 years, 5 months old male Redbone Coonhound/Mix who weighs 52 pounds and has been with us for 117 days.

Hambone is a young Redbone Coonhound mix. He isn't a big boy, more of a medium sized hound, hence the "mix" in the breed, Hambone came to us from a southern rescue partner and he has made himself right at home - making friends with every dog he meets (dogs really react well to him as well, even our shy dogs or ones who don't tend to like everyone). He has alot of energy (as most young hounds do) and is a strong puller, so letting him run all around the fenced in play yards and expend some energy before taking a long walk is a good option . He would probably do best in a home with a tall fenced in yard (he can easily get over a 4 ft and probably even 5 ft fence if he wanted to) and maybe another dog in the home to help him blow off some steam.
He appears to be well housetrained and knows "sit" command too.

Hambone would love an active home, a tall fenced in yard and someone who has the time and energy to dedicate to getting him the exercise and attention he needs and deserves. He is a sweet, beautiful hound - with soft soulful eyes, we are sure you will fall for him just like we have!
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