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Hooper is a 4 years, 8 months old male Retriever/Mix who weighs 53 pounds and has been with us for 171 days.

Hooper is our resident heartthrob. He is downright handsome with his sleek black coat and beautiful brown eyes! His personality makes him even cuter. He loves to go on long hikes on our trails and is a near perfect walker with his harness on. He is also housetrained - good boy Hooper.

He knows several commands, will sit nicely for treats, and will come on command from anywhere in our fenced in play yards too. He is really connected to his handler and enjoys learning.

Hooper likes most other dogs, although does seem to prefer females a bit. He has a few good friends here that he walks with but would be perfectly happy as an only dog too.

Hooper gets excited sometimes when he is playing or running and can get mouthy during those times (although easily corrected) so should go home with adults or a family where the kids are 12+.

If you are looking for tall, dark and handsome, Hooper is the one for you!
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